A Bit About Me

With the millions of images created and uploaded each day we are inundated by photographs like never before. I strive to create images that make people actually stop, look and become immersed.


As long as I can remember I have searched for a creative outlet, in 2011 I finally found it when I bought my camera. Over the years I have explored various creative pursuits but none of them fit like photography does. I'm rarely without my camera and within 2 years I shot over 300K images and quite literally wore the shutter out on my 60D.


I love all kinds of photography but what really twirls my beanie is fine art, exploring different ways to capture and render light, elevating everyday objects, finding ambiguity that makes the viewer decide for themselves what they see.

Photography has been a wonderful, fulfilling adventure and I am excited to see where it takes me next.

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